PROJECT 2020–2023

Virtual Reality
and Coping
with Procedural Pain
in Burn

The main aim of the intended project is to reduce feeling of procedural pain (when changing bandages) in burn patients through a developed and pilot-verified application for virtual reality (hereinafter VR).

In addition to pharmacological pain therapy, there are a number of nonpharmacological options (eg, relaxation techniques) that are based on distracting attention from the feeling of pain. VR appears to be the most promising of these options and, in addition to distraction, it also reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms and enhances patient cooperation. The studies also agree on the beneficial role of immersivity; a sense of immersion in VR.

Milestones of the project VRBURNS.EU

Milestones of the project

05 2020
Getting support and starting a project
05–05 2020–21
Pilot verification phase
11 2020
Provision of technical equipment (PC – Eyetrackinkg)
12 2020
Realization of I. Workshop

The workshop took place on 19 December 2020 in FN KV. Part of this workshop was the presentation of the project, the involvement of participants and also answering key questions about the whole organization of the involvement of virtual reality in the dressing of the patients. The medical staff also tried out virtual reality, including its inclusion in the clothes of patients with burn trauma, ie. a checklist has been introduced

12 2020
Pilot version of the application in virtual reality
01 2021
Submission of interim report
01 2021
Pilot verification of VR application on the first patient
05 2021
Realization II. Workshop

At this workshop, the application and virtual reality were presented to the medical staff (especially the dressing nurses and doctors). Emphasis was placed on significant differences from the pilot version of the application. This workshop will take place at FN KV.

05 2021
Application for control group
06–06 2021–23
Data collection
10-10 2021-23
Data were collected from ten patients
01-05 2022-23
Data were collected from twenty patients
11-05 2022


Project meeting – Realization of III. Workshop
07–12 2023
Publication of project results
12 2023
Completion of the project
More about the project